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29 sentenced to prison on drug charges

KABUL: Twenty nine people have been sentenced by Afghanistan’s counternarcotics courts to prison after being convicted of drug trafficking charges over the past week, officials said.

The CJTF – Criminal Justice Task Force – said on Tuesday that 29 convicted drug felons will spend at least 1½ years to 17 years in prison after the appellate courts found them guilty to conspiracy to smuggle and sell drugs.

Counter Narcotics Police (CNP) has seized over 28kg heroin, 10kg morphine, over1401kg opium, 126kg hashish, 1kg crystal and 16428 liters chemical from the aforementioned convicted drug runners, added statement.

Moreover, 25 drug runners including a woman in connection to 15 narcotics smuggling cases were convicted to one and half-16 years imprisonment.

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