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Activists demand warring parties to end conflict

AT News Report-KABUL: In the wake of a peace movement in southern Helmand province, residents and civil society activists in Parwan province have erected a peace camp to support Helmand residents, reports said. They have urged all warring parties including the US-Afghan combat alliance and the belligerents to end the war.

Some campaigners including women demanded the Afghan people and the word community to leave no stones unturned for bring eternal peace. One of the civil activists, Mohammad Sabir Fahim, demanded all warring parties the Afghan government, armed groups and the US to end the conflict in the country. “The people are tired of war.”

Civil society activities and people chanted pro-peace slogans and lent support to peace campaigners in Helmand. They demanded the Taliban stop violence and embrace peace.

A campaigner said that their peace movement was in support to the people of Helmand, ensuring that their movement will continue as long as it culminates into something fruitful.

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