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Afghanistan, Pakistan to strengthen trade ties

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: In an attempt to strengthen trade ties with Pakistan, Afghan Ambassador Janan Mosazai the other day visited the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) where they exchanged views on different issues including joint war on terror and finding better way to improve trade relations between the two countries.

Mosazai said that both the countries should work to deal with common issues like terrorism, illiteracy, poverty, water shortages, energy crisis and infrastructure development.

“We are dependent on each other and cannot live in isolation. We need to effectively utilize the available resources in order build deeper relations between the two countries and stay focused on translating our words into action,” he said. “We will have to stop bloodshed and work jointly against terrorism in order to ensure a better future for our generations to come,” he added.

Assuring support to KCCI by the embassy of Afghanistan, Mosazai said that the doors of his country were wide-open for Pakistani business community to invest and enhance trade with their counterparts in Afghanistan.

He urged the KCCI to organize a delegation’s visit to Afghanistan with a view to explore trade and investment opportunities. In this regard, the business community of Karachi can play a leading role in the economic progress and prosperity of the region as Karachi, being the financial and economic hub of Pakistan, can contribute significantly to improve trade ties.

He also invited the business community of Karachi to invest in free economic zones in Afghanistan to boost economic and trade ties between the two neighbors.

He added that setting up of Pakistani industrial units in Afghan free economic zones would not only help them effectively penetrate into the Afghan market but also gain access to the Central Asian Republics.

He said: “We are ready to offer additional facilities particularly to Pakistani investors which should give them more confidence as it shows the level of commitment and desire to have strong relations.”

Mosazai went on to say that business communities of the two countries can undertake joint ventures in agriculture, education, construction, mining, precious stones, natural resources and other important sectors of the economy.

He underlined the need to develop highways, railways and air-links between two countries.

According to the ambassador, several agreements have already been signed in this regard, now it was high time to implement all these projects.

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