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Afghanistan’s exports increase by 12pc

AT-KABUL: The Ministry of Commence and Industries (MoCI) on Tuesday announced that Afghanistan export has a 12 percent increase, revealing that the country’s economy is moving on right track in the current year.

“Afghanistan trade deficit balance is gradually moving toward positive, as the last quarter report showed that our export has enhanced 12 percent and its import was 88 percent,” said Minister of Commerce and Industries Humayon Rasa.

He said that two years ago, Afghanistan import was three percent while the export was 97 percent.

“As comparing with two years ago, trade balance has moved toward positive,” Rasa added.

He said that National Unity Government (NUG) runs different economic programs in order to gain people and private sector’s trust.

Dialogue is going on between government and private sector to support private business for further achievement.

He stated that membership of private sector in economic high council as an important governmental decision maker address is another positive step has been hold by the government.

In the past decade, Afghanistan´s trade deficit had been widening as import was quite imbalance comparing to export. Afghanistan import has been reached around $10 billion and its export was over $500 million.

Afghanistan main exports are carpets, rugs, dried and fresh fruits and medical plants and main imports are petroleum; machinery and equipment and food items.

Afghanistan´s trading main partners were Pakistan, Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey and some other Asian countries.

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