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Kabul imposes strict quarantine restrictions

Kabul city has been locked down as authorities scramble to contain the wild spread of the coronavirus outbreak amid gloomy forecasts of virus infections and fatalities AT News KABUL: Officials are imposing strict quarantine restrictions in capital Kabul city as they try to control the outbreak of the coronavirus in …

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2,000 Afghans stranded in India will return home

AT News KABUL: Following the threat of pandemic coronavirus, India has allowed an Afghan Air Flight Company “Kam Air” to transfer the Afghan passengers from the country through five flights. Head of the Civilian Air Traffic, Ghulam Massoum Massoumi said Friday that the flights would be containing around 2,000 passengers …

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Editorial: Countrywide lockdown required

Afghanistan so far has around 94 confirmed cases of the COVID-19, with four deaths, as the virus is spreading from thousands crossing the border each day from hard-hit neighboring Iran. As the coronavirus-induced crisis and panic are spiraling out of control, fortunately, there have been a few measures taken by …

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