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Editorial: Shoddy choices on Pakistani part

Pakistan in quest to highlight the Kashmir issue around the world has resorted to unwarranted means. These actions are having a blowback on Afghanistan’s ties with the country – with the state-to-state relationships being further strained. The first among many dangerous options Pakistan has resorted to is shelling on the …

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Editorial: Ceasing war?

The US diplomats and the Taliban representatives are inching close to sign a peace agreement, likely in few days, while conflicts sill continuing as the Taliban fighters not only rejected ceasefire call rather intensified unhuman attacks, killing and wounding dozens of innocent people. This caused the Afghan security forces to …

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Editorial: War is ugly; son killed father

Afghanistan was once considered one of the most stable countries on the surface of this planet. With broad and popular culture, the economic situation used to be better off than most of its neighbors. It was home to all Afghans who had high literacy levels. The average life expectancy was …

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Editorial: Hidden policy

Sources have revealed that a peace deal is expected to be signed this week at the 9th round of US-Taliban talks – which are ongoing in the Qatari capital of Doha. Under the deal, the US forces, which provide all-important air support to Afghan troops, will stop attacking the Taliban …

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Editorial: No concession on ANDSF!

US negotiators have been pressing the Taliban to agree and enter into intra-Afghan talks, meaning with the Kabul government, and declare a ceasefire—but reports to cease support to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) was brushed false and rather the US reaffirmed support to defend them now and …

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Editorial: Interim government rumors & dilemma

The scandalous news – what later proved to be fake rumors – circulated by some media outlets regarding the US-Taliban’s supposed agreement on the formation of an interim government in Afghanistan triggered apprehensions among Afghan masses and elites, who believe such action would undermine the democracy and take the country …

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