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Editorial: Winning the Battle?

One year ago this week, the US and Taliban signed a landmark agreement to pave the road to peace in Afghanistan. Based on the agreement, the Taliban was bound to prevent attacks on the US forces, and Washington will withdraw its remaining troops by May. It also opened a window …

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Russia Worried on Daesh Active Presence in Afghanistan

AT News KABUL: The Russian government is worried about the active presence of Daesh terrorist group as well as narcotics trade in Afghanistan. Russian officials believe that these two threats pose Moscow from Afghan soil. “We are in common opinion that Daesh group is a notable cause of insecurities in …

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National Security Forces Day Marked in Kabul

“Our Security Forces Are Our Pride” By Bilal Yousufi KABUL: The Afghan officials and the people have unmitigatedly uttered their support and extolled the braver, professionalism, commitment, and resilient of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. All the praise has come on their day (National Security Forces Day) being …

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Editorial: Need To National Consensus

The majority of Afghans still rely on cultural and historical notions of solving the country’s controversial issues. As Afghanistan holds a nation composed of various major and minor ethnicities, the inclusion of different leaders from various aspects of the society, with making a national consensus, is vitally important to find …

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Durand Line in a Glance

The importance of Durand Issue Since 1893, especially after the formation of Pakistan onward Durand Line is remained as an important eliminate in the foreign policy of Afghanistan. For Afghanistan, Durand Line is considered losing Pashtun’s territory and losing two-three percent of the population of its largest tribe. Based on …

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