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Taliban fights in name of Afghanistan, but fights for Pakistan

NEW DELHI: “Taliban fights in the name of Afghanistan, but fights for Pakistan.” Amrullah Saleh, Afghanistan’s candidate for vice president, minces no words as he talks about Taliban’s alliance with Pakistan. As Afghanistan’s candidate for the position of vice president, Saleh has Pakistan and Taliban on the top of his priority …

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Let women lead peace talks

By Faheem Nazimi      In the run up to the Peace negotiation with Taliban for the Afghan reconciliation in Qatar, government of Afghanistan is in the process of setting up certain organizational structures to facilitate the process to participate in the Peace talks with Taliban including the National Peace Council and …

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Terrorism—a phenomenon that has no relation with any religion

Terrorism has no commonly accepted definition, but to me, terrorism concisely is a source of gaining approach to the desired political, personal or national goals by using violent and illegal techniques. Terrorism, the term gained its fame during the French Revolution of the late 18th century but achieved conventional popularity …

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Opinion: No return to darkness

By Dr. Zia Nezam   March 8th marks the 44th annual International Women’s Day, since its adoption by the United Nations in 1975.  The significance of this celebration is very important for Afghan women, because of current peace negotiations between the United States and the Taliban.  Afghan men and, especially, women …

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