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An inclusive interview with Rahmatullah Nabil

NUG’s impotence warrants formation of new system Many in Afghanistan believe that the country is going through a crucial stage now as the two fate-deciding national matters (peace and election) have arrived at a climax. The long-drawn-out results of the last year presidential election are said to be announced soon …

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What benefit enemies get by killing innocent Afghans?

By Ihsanulah Panjshiri On daily bases, the Afghan media outlets have been reporting on civilian casualties that caused by roadside mines and suicide attacks. Whenever we turn on a TV, a radio and read a newspaper, there are several news about women and children, who have lost their lives or …

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Changing global scenario on gender equality

The changing dimension of development and the international movement for the development of women have created a policy perspective for gender equality which recognises both women’s and men’s needs and, most importantly, their healthy interactions. Against this backdrop of situation, Dreze and Sen viewed that gender equality and social justice …

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A Proposal for Losing the War and Peace in Afghanistan

By Naser Sidiqee RAND Corporation’s research is an opportunity for reflection on what a peace agreement might look like. It is also a source of ideas for the Afghan people and the government regarding possible results of a peace process. However, the work, as claimed to have been produced on …

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Beginning of Regionalism in South Asia

Byt Rajkumar Singh The initiative for establishing a regional cooperation association was taken in 1977 by Zia-ur-Rehman, the then president of Bangladesh.” It was with the yearning to bring some measure of stability and peace, and to improve the subhuman conditions of eternal poverty and misery” of new born Bangladesh …

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The Rise of Afghanistan’s Taliban

Southern grievances are at a tipping point, and if Kabul or Washington won’t address them, the Taliban—or other armed groups—certainly will. By Masood Ahmad Azizi The latest round of U.S.-Taliban talks appears to be heading to a framework for peace. In exchange for a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. forces, …

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