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Opinion: Children of war and nation-rebuilding in Afghanistan

By Abdul Basir Azimi-Although there have been significant works done on nation-building in Afghanistan, it’s still a mystery. It should be confessed that the nation-building has been a challenge for all the politicians, scholars and even five-star generals in the history. One of the reasons is that there is no …

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Opinion: Role of traditional leadership in Afghanistan

By Mohamad Mosa Ahmadzai-Afghanistan is a historical country which has a glorious history, traditions and civilization—the Aryans who settled in the current Afghan geography have created tribal governments and thus tribal leadership has emerged. The tribal leaders led the people and shouldered responsibility to solve their problems and brought changes …

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Contours of the endgame

By Afrasiab Khattak-The creeping coup has taken quite a long time to reach the endgame. It all started soon after the newly elected government of Muslim League led by Nawaz Sharif assumed power after winning the general election in 2013. The fault lines between the elected civilian government and the …

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The unifying effect of water

By Glen Hearns-There is no other substance that we know of that is as powerful and magical as water for humans. Water makes up about 70% of our body weight and is essential to our health. Physically, we humans need about 5-8 liters of water a day (consumed as water …

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Opinion: The AfPak tangle

By Afrasiab Khattak-The bloody summer this year in Afghanistan wouldn’t have been different from the last two years that saw a similar bloodshed had it not been for important political developments at the tail end of the fighting season. On August 21 US President Donald Trump declared a fresh strategy …

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Kabul’s Dangerous Water Problems

By Ambassador Dr. Zia Nezam,-A fundamental responsibility of a legitimately democratic government is to provide for the well-being of as many of its citizens as possible. There can be no well-being and sustainable economic development for Afghanis, if there is no or insufficient potable water. Any hope in modernizing Afghanistan …

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