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Pakistan: Change of flags

A journey of nations beyond federalism By Zulfiqar Shah-Mohammad Ali Jinnah (M. A. Jinnah), joined hands of Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi (M.K. Gandhi) in the movement for the provincial autonomy in united India during British Raj. Pakistan was realized formally as a viable idea after 1945. The idea of Pakistan, …

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Pakistan: Change of Guards

A journey of peoples that have witnessed crossroads of history  By Zulfiqar Shah-Indus civilization ages seven thousand years. Pakistan is just seventy. Sindh and Balochistan together are the core of the Indus civilization that can be called Sindh civilization. Each brick of Maher Garh, a 5000 BC archeological site of …

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Need for strategic thinking

By Times of India It is time India shifted battle to Pakistan’s soil. Pakistan needs to be targeted where it hurts the country most. The fault lines in Pakistan’s cupboards are many and the most sensitive one being the status of ‘Durand Line’ bordering Afghanistan. The plot behind Pakistan’s plan …

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Transition for Interdependence and unity

How world has been focusing on contradictions, not on the unity of opposites By Zulfiqar Shah-Nations, continents, and their interrelations are the world body politic subsided by the culture. We need to have a leap beyond the faith in the world-order of these steady withering away contours. We have an …

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Some stocktaking

By Afrasiab Khattak: The main feature of Pakistan’s 70th National Day was the impressive and colourful military parade that remained the focus of media coverage on 23rd of March this year. The march past was supposed to represent the country’s determination for defeating terrorism, which is a noble and desirable …

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New norms for globalization

By Zulfiqar Shah: UK kicked off the formal process of a new era in globalization. Brexit has been a public opinion on the way world is being globalized. This opinion, sought through referendum, is from the country that has a historical background of colonial diversity. Colonialism itself was a fundamental …

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