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Any alternative to the US financial support

By Hazratullah Habibi The Afghan government needs to rethink of finding alternative if the US is not interested in supporting Afghanistan anymore and quitting it forever. Last week, the US Secretary of States Mike Pompoe visited Afghanistan to mediate between the two rivals, President Ashraf Ghani and his former chief …

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Cooperation seen as vital for global health

China will do its utmost to strengthen cooperation with the World Health Organization and offer assistance to meet the urgent needs of countries severely hit by the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, a senior official of the Foreign Ministry said recently. Given the trend of the epidemic’s global spread, China has, …

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My Letter to the Afghan Taliban

By: Zakia Wardak, Advocate for peace, Entrepreneur and Architect Mr. Haqqani and the members of the Afghan Taliban, I want to thank you for your opinion editorial. This gave insight to your thoughts about the peace deal to the world and most importantly, the Afghan people. I do agree with …

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18-year ‘violence or jihad’?

By Ihasan The US and Taliban have reached an agreement on a short-time reduction in violence, instead of a ceasefire. The practical shape of violence reduction has been determined during seven days. Although the reduction in violence for the Afghan people, who have gone through sever trauma and tragedy, is …

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An inclusive interview with Rahmatullah Nabil

NUG’s impotence warrants formation of new system Many in Afghanistan believe that the country is going through a crucial stage now as the two fate-deciding national matters (peace and election) have arrived at a climax. The long-drawn-out results of the last year presidential election are said to be announced soon …

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What benefit enemies get by killing innocent Afghans?

By Ihsanulah Panjshiri On daily bases, the Afghan media outlets have been reporting on civilian casualties that caused by roadside mines and suicide attacks. Whenever we turn on a TV, a radio and read a newspaper, there are several news about women and children, who have lost their lives or …

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