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New norms for globalization

By Zulfiqar Shah: UK kicked off the formal process of a new era in globalization. Brexit has been a public opinion on the way world is being globalized. This opinion, sought through referendum, is from the country that has a historical background of colonial diversity. Colonialism itself was a fundamental …

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Wave of new transition

By Zulfiqar Shah-The recent murder of Indian origin Techie Srinivas Kuchibotls is a violent expression and kick start of what has been bickering up on the backburners of our contemporary times and history. Such socio-psychological developments that ledan American to kill young Srinivas have been rooted in the race and …

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The Afghan Challenge for President Trump

By Sujeet Sarkar: The longest and the pricey war in Afghanistan was almost nonexistent in the election narrative of the recently concluded cacophonous presidential campaign in the United States. A war that drained the US exchequer by 600 billion and witnessed the death of 2247 US military personnel, along with …

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Pashtun profiling

Even their Pakistani Identity Cards wouldn’t help them as Punjab police and Federal Investigation Agency would block these cards after their arrests. By Afrasiab Khattak-It is official now. The Punjab police has issued written instructions to its personnel to keep an eye on people with Pashtun/Afghan dresses and food habits …

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Terror galore

Pakistan has faced numerous terrorist attacks in the past but the current wave of terrorism has turned this week to be the bloodiest in the country’s history so far. The last five days have seen ten attacks targeting all the four provinces. Bloodbath at Sehwan, Sindh, on Thursday peaked the …

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Pakistan is bitten by its complicity snakes

Things are getting from bad to worse between the two neighbors—Afghanistan and Pakistan after cycles of violence took place in Pakistan. Islamabad without thinking at least once, turned blame finger toward Kabul, while ignoring its support to the militant outfits in their soil for longtime. There is no safe hideout …

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