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‘What happened at Torkham?

By Imtiaz Wazir-On November 15 when took the cadaver of Tahir Dawar with public and official protocol from Jalalabad to Turkham, the convoy was stopped in about one km from the crossing point on Durand line, and I with three other colleagues walked to the crossing point where we met …

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Afghanistan, India facing same threats including terrorism

A full excerpt of Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta’s speech is as below: Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Fourth Strategic Dialogue between India and Afghanistan. I believe that determinant factors defining the strategic nature of Afghanistan and India’s relations are the following: Geopolitics Shared History and Culture The prospect of …

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From Maseed to Dawar deaths; the Pashtuns cohesion

By Masomjan Masomy-The killing of Pashtun and Baloch masses, is not the first attempt nor the last one by Pakistan establishment alongside the history, and this is a regular action on which is resulted in by assassinating, torturing and missing of Pashtuns and Balochs. This brutal action of genocide takes …

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Your vote determines country’s fate

By Masomjan Masomy After the collapse of the Taliban regime, ‘the darkest period in the history of Afghanistan’, by US and NATO forces, however, the country still to gain a durable peace—that unfortunately the country has been stuck in the longest conflict with no end sees in sight. During the …

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Youth hopefuls—a new hope

By Masomjan Masomy-The people of Afghanistan still hope for a bright future which is possible by implementation of Constitution, ensuring of equity, fighting corruption, illustrating of right of democracy and so on. This is somewhat which most of the Afghans are desperately looking for—for many years and to give reality …

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40 militants killed in military crackdowns

KABUL: At least 40militants were killed and nine others wounded in intensive military crackdowns within past day across the country. In a press release issued here, Ministry of Defense, (MoD) said that Afghan National Army (ANA) in collaboration with Afghan National Police (ANP) and National Directorate of Security (NDS) personal …

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