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Will next US, Taliban talks lead to progress

By Maomjan Masomy Although, the U.S. and Taliban representatives have been faced three times with each other in Doha and Abu Dubai meetings during last four months to seek solution for the Afghanistan’s long term conflict.However, the Afghan national unity government was not part of these meetings, and it is …

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Afghans want an honorable lasting peace

By Dr. Zia Nezam 18 years of war has spilt the blood of many thousands of Afghans and their international partners. The bitter struggle for Afghanistan’s future has destroyed many billions of dollars of property and infrastructure and has put at risk our environment. Currently, establishing nationwide peace is the …

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Afghanistan-Pakistan Poor Trade and Transit Relations: The Need for Arrangements

By: Esmatullah Karimi-Stable and robusttrade and transitwill benefit both countriesregarding job creation, poverty reduction, taxes, cheap and qualitative products, etc. Afghanistan and Pakistan as two neighboring countries share strong cultural, religious, and trade relations for decades.The presence of over two millionrefugees in Pakistan, the almost 2500 kilometersDurand line, and the …

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Opinion: The death of an Indian hero in Kabul

The horrific truck bombing at the green village on Jan 14,2019 in Kabul ended the life of a young and bright international development professional Ms Shipra Sharma in the most brutal and menacing way. She was intelligent, dynamic and luminary in her own right. It was just 3 months that …

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Chabahar port is a win-win for all

By Ajmal Rahimi-None can deny the importance of Chabahar Port in bolstering up the Afghan economy which gives an outstanding opportunity for the landlocked country to gain access to sea port. The port can be taken as the most viable route for trade between Kabul, New Delhi and Tehran. After …

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‘What happened at Torkham?

By Imtiaz Wazir-On November 15 when took the cadaver of Tahir Dawar with public and official protocol from Jalalabad to Turkham, the convoy was stopped in about one km from the crossing point on Durand line, and I with three other colleagues walked to the crossing point where we met …

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