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US lashes out at Pakistan for not restricting Taliban, HQN

AT Monitoring Desk-The US State Department has said that the Pakistani administration has not restricted the Taliban group and Haqqani network from operating in sanctuaries inside Pakistan and threatening US and Afghan forces in Afghanistan. In a report, the State Department said that Pakistan had vowed to support peace talks …

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UN urges intra-Afghan talks with Taliban

AT-KABUL: The United Nations Secretary General António Guterres on Thursday contended that intra-Afghan negotiations were important in restoring peace in the war-torn country and called for a dialogue between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Guterres addressing a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York said, “We know …

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Pakistan refuses Afghan trade with India through land routes

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Pakistan refuted the news that it has expressed readiness to talk on restoration of Afghanistan-India trade route using Pakistani’s land. “Pakistan has not agreed to consider Afghanistan-India trade through our land,” Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said. The rejection came after US said that Pakistan is …

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Distrust weighs largely on election body; says ex-chief

Trust levels on election commissions have dampened, said ex-IEC chief, amid large-scale fraudulence and rigging in the election process. Najib Ahmadzai said the ongoing security debacle and a widening distrust on election commissions will cause an election disaster and prompt a drastically low turnout. He demanded the election process be …

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Anti-BSA sentiments grow as unrest escalates

Anger is boiling against the bilateral partnership treaty with the U.S. amid escalating insurgency and violence as civil activists are sticking to their guns regarding the revoking of the crucial security pact. Civil activists in a press conference demanded the Bilateral Security Agreement be revised or revoked, ‘because on one …

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