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Editorial: Treating humans like war hostages

Enabling to go ahead with worst kind of maltreating of humans at the busiest international crossing point Torkham, the personnel of Pakistan’s law enforcing agencies are exploiting very well the increasing political tension between Kabul and Islamabad. Inside both the countries in particular and rest of the world in general, so-called human rightists are making tall claims of safeguarding human rights but none of them so far said not a single word with what happening with helpless, innocent and needy humans, mostly are women, children and aged persons travelling between the two neighbouring countries for health services, trade and economic services and livelihood sources. One can reach at Torkham from Kabul from three to four hours but cannot cross the 500 meters tunnel like tunnels or torture cells for immigration and security checking in four hours. All those who are indulging them to commit the “SIN” of travelling between Afghanistan and Pakistan are bound to remain in this tunnel like channels for several hours and face the humiliate attitude of personnel of law enforcing. Compare to Pakistan, situation across the crossing point is too much friendly and easy due to quick action by the personnel of Afghanistan immigration department personnel. But on Pakistan side, one would not be in position to control tears in eye on witnessing maltreating of both Afghan and Pakistani nationals at hands of security forces and immigration personnel of Pakistan. Empowering of National Logistic Cell (NLC) to help in implementation of border security arrangement has multiplied miseries of own and Afghan citizens as well. Due to lacking of proper personnel and arrangements on the part of Pakistan FIA immigration department, the Afghan authorities for ‘saving the skin’ have established entry/transit system on its sides. All those who are entering Pakistan from Afghanistan are compelled to remain four hours in this over 500 meters long tunnel. And before entering the immigration lounge of Pakistan, all those, doesn’t matter belong to Pakistan or Afghanistan, have to face at least four times body and luggage’s search. Even personnel of Pakistan’s military affiliated body NLC are abusing all those who makes questions. And upon entrance to immigration lounge, one says thanks to Allah Almighty as they can get a rest on steel-plastic benches for a while. But unless putting a few currency notes inside passport pages, it could be impossible for them to get exist/entry stamps in couple of hours. The Torkham crossing points between Afghanistan and Pakistan has already been declared most busiest throughout the world. Earlier from 15 to 20 thousands persons were crossing from here but now the strength is reduced but still over 2,000 people are travelling/passing through this crossing points. But the immigration, security and other arrangements are meager compare to travelers. Though across Afghanistan, despite several short falls, one can feel easy but there are huge issues, problems and humiliation on Pakistan side. Those travelling between the two countries through Torkham are people from both the genders and of every ages. In particular attitude meted out to aged people, patients, and women along with infants is too much humiliated. High ups sitting or occupants of important offices both in Kabul and Islamabad out rightly failed or reluctant to realise their responsibilities in resolution to these genuine issues, therefore, United Nations and other global bodies needs to take its notices otherwise voices of these oppressed people couldn’t be made silent for a long time.

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