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Ghani-Abdullah term expires in 93 days: Critics

AT-KABUL: According to the Afghan Constitution, Ghani-Abdullah’s government of national unity will end in 93 days, senior members of a political movement said Monday at a press conference in Kabul.

Jombesh-e Guzar, a political party which announced its existence on May 2017, reasons that based on the Constitution the presidential term “expires on 1st of Jawza of the 5th year after elections” so, the power-sharing government leaders should pave the way for transition of power.

In addition, government critics accused NUG leaders for failures and flaming ethnic tensions in the country.

“They are bringing up the issue of Constitution and escaping it for the sake of their benefit,” Fazel Ahmad Manawi, former Chief of Afghanistan’s Election Commission said. “The government officials have violated the Constitution more than anyone.”

“The presidential palace is formed from a group of monopolists,” Ahmad Zia Massoud, President Ghani’s former senior advisor said. “See how they plotted against General Dostum and the Vice President is living in exile.”

Meanwhile, participants at the event emphasized for holding on-time elections in order to avoid any constitutional crisis in the country by delaying the elections.

Governmental spokesmen have denied answering the question when the presidential term officially ends.

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