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Imposing a single identity on others leads us to crisis: Mohaqqeq warns

AT-KABUL: Deputy Chief Executive, Mohammad Mohaqqeq warned that “efforts to impose a single identity on other people, will lead the country to crisis”.

“Some efforts are underway to remove identities and impose one identity on the others. Such efforts are infeasible. We are Afghanistanis (citizens of Afghanistan) and give sacrifices for this soil. This is enough,” Mohaqqeq addressed a gathering on the occasion of the Soviet troops’ withdrawal anniversary.

He urged that all the ethnic identities should be respected and their identities should be registered in the electronic ID cards, a program that has turned to a matter of controversy.

The deputy chief executive analogized Afghanistan as “a garden of flowers”, saying that the government leaders particularly the president need to recognize different identities of the citizens.

He criticized presidential decree, saying that such decrees should be replaced with a public consensus.

Distribution of the electronic ID cards has recently sparked serious tensions between the president and the chief executive, the latter announced disagreement over ignoring the ethnicities in the ID cards.

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