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  • I intensely refuse to recognize the Durand Line: Begam Nasim Wali KhanI intensely refuse to recognize the Durand Line: Begam Nasim Wali KhanBy Aurang Zeb Khan Zalmay-Begam Nasim Wali Khan is the leader of Awami National Party (Wali) and wife of famous Pashtun politician late Abdul Wali Khan. Her husband was the first opposition leader Read More
  • Editorial: Political systemEditorial: Political systemSince establishment of the National Unity Government (NUG) in Afghanistan, there is an unending debate on political systems. Public opinion makers, jurists, analysts and legislators have been
  • People want change in political system: SurveyPeople want change in political system: SurveyBy Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) on Tuesday released a survey, in which 51 percent of the people interviewed have said they want parliamentary system. The
  • Husband kills wife, mother-in-law in HeratHusband kills wife, mother-in-law in HeratAT-KABUL: A man shot his wife and mother in-law dead in the western Herat province, provincial officials said on Tuesday, an incident likely because of family problems. “Efforts are underway to
  • Iran ready to build oil refinery in AfghanistanIran ready to build oil refinery in AfghanistanAT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Iranian Oil officials expressed the country’s readiness to build joint oil refineries in Afghanistan, Iranian MEHR news agency reported Tuesday. “A new storage tank will


Militants attack American University of Afghanistan

AT News Report KABUL: Militants attacked the American University of Afghanistan on Wednesday night in the country’s capital city, an official said without giving further details. Some sources said Read More

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US soldier killed, another wounded in Helmand
US soldier killed, another wounded in Helmand

By Mansoor Faizy-KABUL: The US army says that an American service member died as a result of wounds sustained and another received injuries during operations near Lashkarga, the provincial capital Read More

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Pak-backed terrorist arrested in Laghman: MoI
Pak-backed terrorist arrested in Laghman: MoI

AT-KABUL: A terrorist linked with the Pakistan’s military was arrested by Afghan forces as he was attempting to flee to Pakistan in eastern Laghman province, Ministry of Interior said Tuesday. It Read More

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Helmand under siege

The roaring and raging beast of terrorism and insurgency has made the public concerned about their future. Unfortunately, for the government hour has not come to wake up from slumber and revisit the Read More

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A kick in the teeth or a new intrigue

The atrocities faced by the nation are showing no signs of ending. There is no lull in the grief and troubles of the nation. We have been watching the show of bloodshed and terror for the past four Read More


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  • Kashmir will become a second Waziristan if…
    Kashmir will become a second Waziristan if…

    By Umar Daud Khattak-Muslims divided the Indian subcontinent that led to the creation of Pakistan. They ruled over Indian subcontinent for about 800 years before the British. There was no such Read More

  • What is street harassment?
    What is street harassment?

    By Raziya Masumi-Every Afghan woman has experienced street harassment. It is more than an annoyance. It makes women nervous and insecure as they go about their daily lives, as they go to work, Read More

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