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23 Ghor students infected with COVID-19

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KABUL: At least 23 students of Ghor University have been infected with coronavirus, provincial health officials confirmed.

Head of western Ghor public health, Juma Gul Yaqubi said that off 63 samples, which have been taken from the students, 23 were tested positive. The students, who are between ages of 18 to 25 years, are in quarantine.

Yaqubi said that health official have been monitoring the University since the government reopened the educational centers.

Head of Ghor University, Sayed Shiragha Hashimi said that the students were beholding the medical recommendation and precautionary measures.

The health officials in the province once again called on the residents to observe advices given by the doctors.

According to officials, 528 patients were registered in the province, from whom 11 people died.

The total number of covid-19 cases in Afghanistan surpasses 38,641.

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