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Joint military operation inflicts heavy civilian casualties in Wardak

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KABUL: An operation launched jointly by the Afghan and foreign troops in Wardak province, inflicted heavy casualties on the residents.

Four sons of a man were killed, while other dead are school and university students and some guests gathered at a house in the harvest season, according to local people.

They said that the dead civilians were school and university students who were not in relations with Taliban.

The operation was launched before dawn, during which also three members of another family lost their lives.

Similar joint operations had left civilians dead and injured previously in the provinces of Wardak, Paktia, Paktika, Urzugan and other areas, faced by serious public reactions.

The members of parliament call on security officials to take care of civilian lives during operations against insurgents.

The ministries of defense and interior reject involvement in the recent Wardak operation, saying the military unit 01 had launched that.

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