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MPs disconcerted as insurgents run amok in Ramadan

AT-KABUL: Members of parliament are worried that Taliban rejected government’s demand to hold a ceasefire during the holy month of Ramadan, emphasizing on continuing of fight.

Lawmaker, Wajma Sapi, asked the government to take tougher measures against the group after it rejected the ceasefire demand.

“Taliban reject peace. So, the government needs to make tougher measures to confront the group. This is the government’s responsibility to defend its nation and be prepared for confrontation,” she said.

The government and the United Nations office in Afghanistan had called on the insurgent group to accept a ceasefire during Ramadan, but the militants rejected the demand, emphasizing on the continuing of fight.

Taliban announced their spring offensive in April under the title of ‘al-Khandaq’, that attacks on different provinces wereaccelerated.

Recently, the militants stormed Farah city, the provincial capital of the same name and hold the city for a few hours. They also intensified attacks on different districts in Ghazni that reportedly captured the Ajrestan district.

Samiullah Raihan, a religious scholar, said if prophet fought during Ramadan, it was against the infidels, not against Muslims.

He called Afghan security forces Muslims, not infidels, saying fight against them has no justification.

“I would like to call on the war sides to have merci to the people, because people are impatientwith the continued war,” Raihan said.

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