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NALS provides Afs 3 million to Kunduz terror-victims

AT News Monitoring-KABUL:  As the fall of the Kunduz city had unleashed terror and damages in men and material on the residents of the city, Northern Afghanistan Logistic Services (NALS), provided nearly three million Afghanis to the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) for the victims, an official said the other day.

ANDMA’s Chief, Eng. Wais Ahmad Barmak told media that the company has provided up to 3 million Afghanis (Afs) to the victims in Kunduz province. He said that the aid has been received by his office from the company’s representative, Ismael Danesh.

The money is believed to transfer by banking services to the province, which possibly will be spent on foods supply and other daily commodities for the victims.

Ismael Danish confirmed the aid and said that his company had helped deprived and still cooperates in providing services to those downtrodden and victims of terrorism.

The minister said that war has recently displaced up to 21,000 people across the country. He added that 80 percent Kunduz displaced people were helped in returning to their homes and up to three thousand people were still were getting assistance from WFP, UNICEF, IRCS, NGOs and other such organizations.

According to directives from the government, the central bank, “Da Afghanistan Bank”, has to open an account and call upon well off people in the country and those overseas to take part in donating money and help those in need, traumatized by terrorism and displaced by insecurity. “More such programs would be launched soon to overcome the havoc caused by natural disasters and terrorism by launching awareness drives in the far-flung areas,” he said.

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