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Will Obama’s war hit snags?


U.S. ex-defense secretary Robert Gates has heaped scorn on President Barack Obama’s handling of war in Afghanistan, saying Obama had lost his faith in Afghan “war on terror” and the success of the troop increase in Afghanistan. In his memoir “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War”, Gates said the president was skeptical if not outright convinced his generals’ plans would hit snags, and his intention is to get out of the Afghan quagmire. Gates also revealed a tricky relationship between Obama and his generals.

If we dig deep into Gates’ scathing critique, it can be comprehended that Obama’s war in Afghanistan has faltered and yielded nothing but collateral damage. Besides, Obama’s phony commitment to the Afghan war has been so misleading, having inflicted irreparable imprints on Afghanistan. Also, since Obama announced a withdrawal deadline, war and unrest has escalated. Taliban misconstrued this proclamation as a confession of the US failure, which consequently emboldened those outlaws.
What has been written in the memoir could not be ruled out, as Gates had served six presidents and was privy to policies of George W. Bush and Obama administrations.
If the US commander-in-chief is doubtful over outcome of the Afghan war, then his vague strategies will go to no avail and bloodshed and above all lingering hostility and uncertainty will perpetuate. What would be the consequences of such folly? Will Obama’s insincere war on terror succeed? Obama must have calculated his moves wisely with clear conscience before concocting strategies pertaining to Afghanistan.
As a famous quote says, “if you don’t believe in it, don’t fight it”, Obama has continued a war he doesn’t believe in. This is an act of sheer folly as there is no logic in prolonging the war. Obama’s ailing and counterproductive strategy would take toll on Afghans. Of course, Afghans will bear the brunt of this blunder, and envisaging elimination of militancy is a wild goose chase, which will have disastrous consequences.
Since the US invasion, Karzai’s government has been thriving wholly on largesse and protection of foreign governments and troops. Even though, our war-battered country is in dire need of foreign contribution to survive, it doesn’t necessarily imply that the US and its protégés should take our grievances for granted and push forward with a war that will ensue nothing but melancholy for Afghans.
The White House has committed serious blunders in the past too. In 2009 elections, many votes were invalidated, due to the U.S. interference in elections and an intrigue to prevent Karzai from getting re-elected. This explicit interference caused a serious vote rigging. The memoir manifests that the Obama administration would never refrain from creating hurdles for an elected president. But, despite of all maneuverings, the US is blameworthy for its mistakes and should apologize to the people and the government of Afghanistan.
U.S. ex-defense secretary is also highly appreciative of Karzai, who has led the country ever since the Taliban were toppled. In his 600-page book, Gates sketched President Hamid Karzai as a patriot, whose views and grievances have fallen on deaf ears by most of American leaders. Obama’s administration wavered in noticing these signals and taking action accordingly. The memoir palpably demonstrates how honest and outright President Karzai has been in the lens of Obama’s ex-aide. President Karzai knew he needed the US in Afghanistan, but he was also sensitive to actions that would anger the Afghan public, undermine their tolerance for the presence of foreign troops and reflect badly on him.
It’s never too late for Obama to make up for his mistakes and wipe the slate clean. His administration should not repeat what it did in the past decade and pursue a strategy of honesty and become resolute in ending evils encountering the Afghan nation, who are immersed in sociopolitical and economic quagmires and above all the US hypocrisy and insincerity.


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