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Parwan residents blame local officials for growing insecurity

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KABUL: A number of residents of central Parwan province on Saturday accused the local officials ofneglect amid growing insecurity in the province.

“The provincial police chief doesn’t pay attention to our demands and doesn’t even know about the challenges we face,” said an inhabitant of the province, Abdul QaderSohrabi.

The residents accused the provincial security officials of having links withillegal armed groups.

Rustom, a resident ofJabalSeraj district of the province said, “The problem is with the security officials, who can’t eliminate the security threats because they have links with illegal armed groups.”

Most of these allegations were directed towards the provincial police chief, who denied saying anything in this regard.

“Since his[the police chief] appointment, the security situation has become deteriorated. If he is unable to secure the province, why isn’t he stepping down?” said Mirwais, another resident of theprovince.  

It is worth mentioning that the government has recentlydeployed an intelligence special unit to Parwan to fight the addressthe security challenges in the province.

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