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Protest staged over growing insecurity in Nangarhar

AT-KABUL: Scores of people staged demonstration Wednesday in Kabul to protest government over the growing insecurity in the eastern Nangarhar province.

Protesters said insecurity had a significant increase in Nangarhar, threatening people’s lives.

Mirwais Amarkhel, a protester said that people were cruelly killed by armed insurgents while the government officials were watching and take no practical measures to end insecurity.

“If the government does not pay attention to security situation of Nangarhar province, it will extend to the capital,” he warned.

“We will pick up guns to fight insurgents if the government does not pay attention over current threats by Taliban fighters.”

In the recent attack, a suicide bomber targeted a provincial council’s house in the provincial capital Jalalabad, killing 13 civilians and injuring 14 others.

The Islamic State (aka Daesh in Arabic), a newly terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Nangarhar, Laghman and other eastern provinces are unsafe and if this continues Kabul will be unsafe soon,” insisted another protestor.

He added the people of Nangarhar were worried of the emerging of the Deash (Islamic State) which was concerned to spread to other parts of the country.

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