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Protestors seek justice for Farkhunda, chide police for failure

“Govt should form a commission (anti-terror court) affiliated to the Supreme Court that should only deal with terror cases including courts of the militants where award punishments and also lynching. The govt should allow space to civilians to become legislature, judiciary and executive. Lynching needs to be included in definition of terrorism”

AT-KABUL: Hundreds of protestors took to streets on Monday to seek justice for Farkhunda, a 27-year old woman who was lynched by an angry mob in Kabul last week for what is believed to be a concocted story of burning a copy of the holy Qura’an.

After accusing Farkhunda of burning a copy of Holy Qura’an, the angry mob beat her to death, run a car over her, then set her dead body on fire, and thrown her corpse into the Kabul River by Shah-e-Doshamshera Mosque in Kabul on Thursday. However, later, Farkhunda was found innocent.

Hundreds of protestors, mostly women, gathered in the locale where Farkhunda was lynched, where they demanded of the government to arrest those responsible for her brutal killing. To give vent to their anger, the protestors marched till Pul-e-Bagh Omumi carrying banners reading “Farkhunda was burned in the fire of ignorance” and “we condemn killing of Farkhunda”.

The protestors were chanting the slogans against those involved in killing of 27-year old Farkhunda and said that the government should bring perpetrators of the heinous act to justice.  Many of the protestors had covered their faces with mask of Farkhunda.

Belqis Roshan, a female senator who has also attended the protest, said that the government should exert its utmost efforts to arrest and punish those involved in the brutal act. She called on people to seek justice for Farkhonda. She urged the government to prevent from repetition of such incidents in the future.

Roya, another protestor, slammed police on negligence in action to rescue the innocent girl. She urged president to listen to protestors’ voice and punish murders of Farkhunda.

In the meantime, the Wolesi Jirga strongly condemned the brutal action and asked the concerned organs to prosecute those involved in the brutal killing of Farkhunda.

The Minister of Interior, Nur-ul-Haq Ulumi, admitted police’s failure to rescue Farkhunda, but assured that they will spare no efforts to prevent from repetition of such incidents in the future. “We failed to rescue Farkhunda. She was really innocent. She hasn’t burned any copy of Holly Qura’an,” he said.

Ulumi added that they have arrested 13 people in connection with lynching of Farkhunda.

Javed Barakzai, a protestor, who looked to be at 40s, told Afghanistan Times that lynching should be termed an act of terrorism.  “Recently I returned from UK with a hope that situation will have improved much at home country but I was shocked and couldn’t sleep normally when I watched the terrific news of Farkhunda,” he said. Barakzai added the government should form a commission or anti-terrorism court inside the Supreme Court that is meant to deal only with terror charges and lynching incidents.

“The government shouldn’t provide space to people (civilians) to become judiciary, legislature, and executive because it is the job of the government and not civilians to award punishments to people,” he suggested.

“If lynching becomes a common practice, security situation will worsen and more precious lives will be taken away by mobs,” he said.

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