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Senators demand action against defying ousted governors

AT-KABUL: Some senators have demanded stringent action against the ousted provincial governors who are in disobedience of Kabul order regarding their dismissal.

On Sunday, the governor for Samangan province Abdul Karim Khaddam followed Balkh governor and his party fellow Atta Noor who rejected his dismissal order. Khaddam and Noor are members of the Jamiat party.

These senators warn that government’s silence would encourage other officials to act similarly.

“The officials who violate presidential orders are considered like the armed opposition, so the government needs to take military steps against them,” said Mohammad Asef Seddiqi, deputy senate head.

The Independent Directorate of Local Governance announced Saturday president Ghani’s order that has transferred the governors for Laghman, Wardak, Samangan, Kunduz and Logar provinces.

But the governor of Samangan rejected his dismissal order as injustice, saying that he was appointed by an agreement between the government and Jamiat party.

In a statement, the Jamiat party supported Khaddam, calling on the government to revive the decision over his dismissal.

The Independent Directorate of Local Governance emphasizes that the president’s order should be fulfilled.

Political analysts say that the unity government was illegal and faces such challenges.

“The current government is generally illegal and I think that the leaders of the government want the end of the government system. They don’t want political ways and are leading the country towards crisis,” said Naser Shafiq, a political analyst.

But others believe that the president is allowed to dismiss, transfer and appoint officials according to the constitution.

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