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Taming insecurity: WJ kick-start work on security strategy

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: The Wolesi Jirga (WJ) on Wednesday decided to draft a security strategy for the government amid growing security concerns.

Speaker of the Wolsei Jirga directed the committees of international relations, defense and internal security to work on the security mechanism. Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said the strategy would be forwarded to the government in order to improve the law and order situation.

In the past two weeks, the lawmakers have repeatedly urged the government to overcome insecurity.

Ali Akbar Qasemi, a member of the defense committee, said the security agencies did not pay heed to the parliament’s call. “Therefore, the WJ has decided to take a step in this regard,” he said, adding that public should be encouraged to stand against the anti-Afghanistan elements.

Mawlawi Ahmadullah Mowahid, an MP from Nuristan, criticized the US for supplying used weapons to Islamabad. He said the US and NATO forces entered into Afghanistan under the pretext of chasing terrorists. But, the security situation has deteriorated despite their presence.

“The US forces are not targeting the save havens of terrorists in Pakistan. Moreover, the Americans handed over the used military weapons to Pakistan. They should have provided the weapons to Afghanistan,” he said.

He alleged the coalition forces of creating insurgents in Nuristan province. The MP said that 13-year ago, residents of the province fought against the Taliban.

Speaking about the security situation in his province, Mowahid said that every month at least 12 civilians are killed for supporting the government. “Dwellers of Kamdish district are killed on the daily basis by insurgents,” he told.

Shekiba Hashemi, a member of the internal security committee, said that lack of coordination among the security forces was responsible for growing insecurity. She said that till date the government has no security plan.

“Ministry of Interior has submitted a security plan to the National Security Council. However, the government seems uninterested,” Ms Hashemi added.

Linking insecurity with drug production, she said that 53% of the insurgents’ income comes from narcotics. Hashemi suggested that a special military court should be established to prosecute drug traffickers. She further said that security officials working against national interests should be presented in the proposed military court.

Naqebullah Fayeq, an MP from Faryab, said the public should support the government against the anti-state elements.

Rubaba Parwani, another legislator, said the enemies of the country should be clearly defined.

Nafisa Azemi, another MP, proposed the lawmakers should call on President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah to discuss security related issues. She said the security officials, summoned few days ago, did not brief them well.

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