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The forgotten children

Children are the most unfortunate segment of the society. Young boys and girls work on streets at the age which is supposed to be for playing and education. In addition to forced labor children are sexually exploited, used for begging, construction, crimes and in terror attacks. Both sophisticated organized crime and militant groups are exploiting children. Their recruitment by the Taliban and other dreaded militant group is very unfortunate. There is no end to the extra-constitutional and inhuman practice. The National Directorate of Security (NDS) rescued two young brothers from the clutches of the Taliban in Helmand province. The boys were chained and tortured to carry out suicide attacks. They were shifted from Panjwai district of Kandahar to Helmand, after a Taliban commander convinced the children’s parent to allow the boys to study at a religious school.

The raid to free the children offers a snapshot of the magnitude that how seriously Afghan children are caught by the violence. The easy acquiring process and transfer of children by the godless militant groups is mind-numbing. No matter how some people cut it but their story brings the modern-day scourge to the broad day light. Their story is heartbreaking. The forced recruitment also exposes the true nature of the Taliban. In a nutshell, the raid shatters the ideology of the militant group who claim to be fighting for the God and people of this land.

Moreover, use of children by terrorists is one of the countless faces of the savagery and torture. These children suffer unspeakable acts of barbarity, but their parents have either turned a blind eye or don’t hear ordeals of their children. At least they should peer into the moribund eyes of their broken children who are trapped by the militants under different pretexts and have no way to escape. The militants sow the seeds of terrorism into immature brain of these naïve children.

Social strife and economic collapse made it easy for the terrorists to exploit the children. Deepening rural poverty, widening chasm between rich and poor and social instability are the major contributors pushing children and adults alike into whirlpool of problems. As a common observation, many people recruit children for different militant groups to generate handsome amount in a short span of time.

Therefore, there is need for strict measures against the recruiters and all those who exploit children and use them in illegal or anti-state activities. During this fragile period, the government could not protect these children with minimal efforts. The government should give exemplary punishment to those who are exploiting Afghan children.

Furthermore, cooperation of parents is vital. Alone the government could not help their children. It is responsibility of the parents to make sure their children will be responsible citizens. Religious scholars should also be urged to bring awareness in people regarding militants who recruit and misuse children.

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