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The unrest grows

Despite having democratic government, the situation has not changed in favor of Afghans in the past 14 years. Consider it failure of the international community, inability of the government or reluctance of public but change is nowhere in sight. Poor is becoming poorer and rich is becoming richer. Areas that were once considered comparatively secure are now witnessing insurgent attacks, though, on and off. The result is growing unrest in the country.

Sociologists and political affairs analysts have several times urged the policymakers in the past year to craft public-friendly policy and a clear strategy on insurgency to overcome the existing challenges. Insecurity and poverty are the two major issues that need attention of the government on emergency basis. On security front, the government has done nothing significantly to ease the public concerns. The brief capture of Kunduz city has uncovered the failed security policy which was presented as elixir by the leaders in their statements. The Taliban are divided but not yet ready to become part of the peace process. No one is sure that whether the warring groups would sit at the negotiations table to end the war or continue to kill innocent people as mercenaries.

As far as the facts go, the peace process has become a jigsaw puzzle when measuring success of the High Peace Council (HPC). The decision-makers lack a clear policy in this regard. On the one hand they talk of eliminating all those groups who are anti-state but on the other hand they are stressing on backdoor diplomacy to reconcile with the insurgents. The two are different things need separate strategies—dismantle the militant groups or accept their demands. However, the nation is not ready to welcome the insurgents who would not surrender and accept the Constitution because thousands of people who lost their loved ones. The nation mourns every day. Certainly, it is also the factor which has eroded confidence of Afghans over the US-led flag bearers of war on terror. Skepticism is at its peak and dominating countless minds.

When it comes to poverty, the quest for more had become so intense that people are finding new ways to satiate their greed, no matter legal or illegal. Foothold of poverty is getting strong. Most of the poor people are left with no choice but either to commit crimes or suicide. Seemingly, the elite class is not much concerned about miseries of the poor-folk. If the stark divide between the poor and rich exacerbates then no one can stop the social and political revolution. Short-term employment programs are of no use. What a poor person will do when the project has been completed? Of course, they will curse the elite class.

Therefore, the government has to take the challenges of insecurity and poverty seriously, and devise a comprehensive mechanism that would ensure equal distribution of wealth. The unrest will grow further if the words were not put into action.

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