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Trapped in insecurity

Keeping in view the fragile security situation in Helmand province, the Obama-administration has decided to deploy scores of additional US military advisers in the restive province of the country.  The move is aimed to enhance capacity of the Afghan security forces in Helmand further so they could ward off the militant attacks. Rebuilding of the Afghan army unit is need of the hour to clear Sangin and other districts of the miscreants because residents of Helmand are trapped in militancy. Situation in some other districts is not too different from that of Helmand. The former acting governor of Kunduz, Hamdullah Danishi, on Tuesday said that the outskirts of the provincial capital were controlled by the Taliban.

Pointing to the major reason behind insecurity in the province, he said that despite repeated requests for military operations the central government did not pay heed. According to him the cold shoulder response of the high-ranking authorities in the Presidential Palace emboldened the militants and exacerbated the security problems. Law and order situation is disheartening in the eastern provinces too. A couple of days ago, hundreds of residents of Nangarhar province staged protest against growing insecurity.  They criticized the provincial and central governments and asked for emergency basis measures to tighten the grip over the province.

If prompt and result-oriented measures were not taken then chances are high that insecurity would increase further in southern, eastern and northern parts of the country. Insecurity is a grave issue and needs consensus of the leaders to overcome it. Tug of war over important positions will worsen the situation to great extent. As a first step the government should fill the vacant positions in the security organizations on priority basis. However, no window should be left open for nepotism and favoritism because only talented brains could pull the country of this whirlpool of problems.

Approaching the United Nations Security Council to build crippling pressure over supporters of the Taliban and other militant groups will be a wise move. Afghan Ambassador to the UN, Mahmoud Saikal, hinted about this move in his interview with Afghan Pajhwok News. He said that Afghan government is working over a set of proposals against those countries that are support terrorists in Afghanistan. According to Saikal some state actors were supporting militancy in the war-hit country as a mean to achieve the ends. It is an open secret that some state institutions in the neighborhood are supporting the Afghan militant groups. Therefore, approaching the UN Security Council will help Kabul to address the issue by getting attention and support of the global players.

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