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Worst case scenario

At a time when the government is busy in hiring and firing of officials at key posts, at the same time insecurity has got the opportunity to bring in grip different parts of the country. Security situation is losing the ground to armed groups and militants in the southern, western, northern, eastern and even northeastern provinces. News reports suggest that hundreds of insecurity-stricken families in Khanabad district of Kunduz province were forced by illegal armed persons to leave their native areas. Security apparatus has become so dormant that even the armed individuals in Dagaro village of the district do not allow the migrating families to take their belongings with them. The armed groups have become so daring that houses of the locals are looted in broad daylight. Locals are facing the worst case scenario because the provincial and central governments could not ensure safety and security of their life and property. Dwellers are on their own to fight both the militants and armed groups. The option of comprehensive military operation to rescue the local population from the clutches of insecurity and establish rule of the law is missing from the table of the concerned officials. The armed groups and insurgents have locked horns in Ishan Top, Shikha, Tawoos Abad, Chahartoot, Zard Kamar, Isakhel, Shah Mohammad Khel and other areas to dominate the district. The two parties are fighting for the last five days with no sign of improvement in the security situation. Officials confirm presence of nearly 3,000 illegal armed individuals in the district.

Indeed, the news are proving bad omen for the whole nation because Afghans encounter with death and defy terror threats on daily basis but the government is acting like step-mother. The recent news is just a drop in the bucket. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans face similar situation in other parts of the country as well. The relevant authorities should be made to answer for their failure to address the issue despite launching several operations against anti-state elements in the province. People are fed up of the government’s hollow promises and want to see actions instead of statements. Poor policies of the government are blocking off the road to security.

To control the situation, multiple crackdowns should be launched in Khanabad and other insecure districts to neutralize the armed and militant groups. Once the province cleared from the anti-state elements, security should put on high alert all the time to respond quickly to the insecurity threats. If prompt actions were not taken then it would take ages to calm down the situation. Furthermore, shelter and food should be provided to the already displaced families and jobs to those who are in the ranks of armed groups and militants to earn bread for family through illegal means.

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