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Children, Suffering from Poverty Forced to Engage Laboring

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KABUL: The Children suffering from poverty are forced to engage in labor to make ends meet to their families in the southeastern province of Logar.  

Many of these children have lost their fathers and breadwinners during the relentless conflicts of the past two-decade.

They are working in workshops, however not making enough income to support their families.

The province of Logar was among top insecure provinces over the past 10-year.

“I am an orphan. I work in this workshop. They are paying me 100-150 Afs in tips. With that money, I buy something for the family,” said Hameed Irfan, an orphan.  

These children have no time to attend school. 

“I want to go to school but my family has no breadwinner. So I work here. I receive 200 Afs per week but it is not sufficient,” said Rafiullah, an orphan.  

The provincial Public Works department said around 1,200 children are engaged in child labor.  

Earlier, Save the Children reported that one in five families in Afghanistan have been forced to send their children for work as the country is scrambling with a severe economic crisis.

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