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Khalilzad Suggest ‘Broad Support’ System in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The former US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, suggested ‘broad support’ formula for the government system of Afghanistan.

Khalilzad made the remarks at the Islamabad Security Dialogue, where he cited some positive and negative points of the Afghan chaos.  

 “On the positive side, the war has ended already, there is a government that controls all Afghanistan. But on the negative is that the government doesn’t – is not legitimate in the sense that it doesn’t come through with what it agreed to do in the agreement that ended the war—meaning the US war. Which was that a new government will be as a result of intra-Afghan negotiations, so that it reflects the diversity… it doesn’t mean that individuals have to be in the central government, but there has to be a formula that has broad support,” he said.

Afghanistan was reportedly on the agenda of the Islamabad Security Dialogue.  

The Islamic Emirate denied Khalilzad’s remarks as his personal opinion.  

“Khalilzad is now a (private) individual and has no position neither representing any country nor an organization, and his opinions are personal and everything is now ongoing based on commitments,” a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate said.

The international community has put the formation of an inclusive government, women’s rights as well as respecting human rights as the preconditions to consider the recognition of the Islamic Emirate.  

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