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100 Taliban killed, wounded in Hesarak

AT-KABUL: The Afghan security forces killed and wounded around 100 Taliban insurgents including their leaders after they (Taliban) conducted a complex attack in Hesarak district of eastern Nangarhar province, officials said on Sunday.

Taliban leader Naeem Khalid was killed during fierce clashes in the district, the official said.

“The Afghan security forces killed Taliban leader—Khalid when he was leading the coordinate attack on the district aimed at capturing it,” provincial governor’s spokesman Ataullah Khogyani said.

He added that Taliban insurgents received huge casualties during fierce fighting. Without giving exact details, he said that around 100 insurgents were killed and wounded.

Situation in the Hesarak district is under control, he said, adding that Taliban insurgents were pushed away from the district.

However, the Taliban terrorist group did not pose any comment into the matter so far.

On Saturday Nangarhar police spokesman Hazrat Hussian Mashriqiwal said that a large number of insurgents including foreigners, suffered casualties after security forces repulsed Taliban’s complex attack on the Hesara district.

The attack of Taliban is taking place when Khanabad district of the northeastern of Kunduz province were fallen to the Taliban on Saturday. However, the Afghan security forces recaptured the district, but the fierce fighting between Afghan security forces and Taliban left huge propriety losses to the residents.

“Taliban insurgents conducted attack from different directions on the district where the Afghan security forces retreated, provincial police spokesman Hajratullah Akbari told Afghanistan Times.

Moreover, he said that Afghan security forces repelled Taliban’s attack in Ali Abad district of Kunduz province.

“Taliban insurgents conducted a complex attack on the district, but the Afghan security forces repulsed their (Talban’s) attack.”

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