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100,000 has been killed in war since 2001: Report

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL:  A new report from Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies says that since 2001 US-led invasion has killed almost 100,000 people, and wounded the same number in Afghanistan and also in Pakistan.

The study called ‘Cost of War’ looks at war-related issues such as deaths, injuries and displacement in Afghanistan and Pakistan from 2001 to last year, when international combat troops left Afghanistan.

Civilian and military deaths in both countries almost 149,000 people killed in total, with 162,000 seriously wounded, its author, Neta Crawford, said.

Most of civilian deaths took place after 2007, with more than 17,700 civilian deaths recorded by UNAMA between 2009 and 2014. Most civilians were killed by militants, she said.

She added that figures show that war in Afghanistan was not ending rather it’s getting worse.

There was a rise of 16 percent in civilian casualties in the first four months of 2015 where 974 people killed and 1,963 were wounded, the report said. She said among the 0.01 million people killed include civilians, Taliban, coalition troops, aid workers, journalists and Afghan troops and police. The report was published in such a time when nine people including a woman were shot dead in Balkh province when they were working on reconstruction projects.

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