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109 sentenced to prison for drug trafficking

AT News Report-KABUL: One hundred and nine people have been given prison sentences by counternarcotics courts of the country for charges of drug trafficking over past month, authorities said Saturday.

The courts of Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) on Saturday said that 109 drug traffickers arrested in the past one month.

CJTF in a press statement said that the primary court of CJTF has apprehended 109 drug dealers including eight women in different crackdowns in the past one month.

The drug runners were arrested by CNP through different crackdown in various provinces and were handed over to CJTF for criminal proceedings, added statement.

Statement said that out of 109 drug traffickers, 32 of them were those smugglers, who planned to smuggle narcotics through Hamid Karzai airport to India, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Statement said that the investigation is going on over the dossier of the all indicts by the CJTF, which after examining the evidences and arguments from both sides the CJTF will convict the accused traffickers, added statement.

On the other hand, at the same period CJTF primary court has convicted 33 drug runners including one woman to six months-18 years prison.

Statement said that also the appeal court of CJTF also has convicted 51 smugglers including shorting and prolonging imprisonment.

Some 251kg heroin, 7523 kg morphine, 1614 kg opium, over 993 kg hashish, 764g crystal and  12kg chemical.

All the convicted drug traffickers would have defense attorneys for their legal defense and will be convicted after separate judicial trials based on the evidence brought before the court and the Counter Narcotics law of Afghanistan.

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