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10pc surge in income tax returns filed this year

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KABUL: As Afghanistan looking forward to build a sustainable economy, the Ministry of Finance has estimated around 208 billion Afs annual taxable income which shows a ten percent increase compared to last year. Speaking to a news conference in Kabul on Saturday, Mohammad Isa Qudrat said the increase has made due to reforms and proper implementations. “I better say this amount of tax have been collected due to reforms and implementation of law.”

This comes as earlier, a number of Afghan traders have expressed frustration over what they say a misbalanced tariff on trade tracks. However the MoF has assured that it would make unstoppable efforts to eliminate the challenges.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Yunus Mohmand deputy of house of chamber and industries said, “We want all Afghans to pay tax but sometimes the process is getting so complicated that people don’t get it. We want this process to be simple so we can launch online trades.”

The chamber house has emphasized that challenges posing against the Afghan government should be resolved.

Afghanistan is still among those countries which are facing high administrative corruption. There have been constantly worries over a possible halt in the international community’s assistance due to these challenges.  

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