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11k Families Displaced as Violence Flares in Kunduz

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KABUL: More than 11,000 families have been displaced as severe clashes between the Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters have been continuing in the northern Kunduz province.

They are stationed in Imam Sahib, the provincial capital city and other districts in the province, bearing a tough life amid freezing cold winters.

“It has been six months that we left our homes, but we haven’t received any aid,” said Obaidullah, who has been displaced to Khanabad.  

Abdulrazaq, who currently lives in the capital city of Kunduz also, said that he has not received any aid.

A representative of the displaced families, Khal Mohammad said that the immigration department had paid 250,000 Afghani to some of the displaced families, but it is not adequate.

Mohammad Yusuf Ayubi, Director of Provincial Council said that more than 10,000 displaced families were stationed in the capital city and Imamsahib, Archi and Qala-e-Zal districts of the province. He said that the families were helped amid the cold weather that threatens the lives of tens of children.

But Director of Provincial Immigration, Ghulamsakhi Rasuli they provided humanitarian aids to the displaced families there. “Every family was provided with the cost of 12,000 food materials, paid 7,000 Afs in cash and medical supply with the cost of 2,000,” he added. “More than 11,500 families are displaced in Kunduz.”

Kunduz has recently been hit with a sharp surge in violence. The Taliban are strongly active in some parts of the province.

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