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120 militants renounce violence in Faryab

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: 120 Taliban militants had renounced violence by joining the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process in the north-west Faryab province on Monday.

They joined peace drive after they were surrounded by the army two days ago in a military operation commanded by First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, officials said.

Provincial Governor, Sayed Anwar Sadat said that the insurgents handed over their weapons and joined the peace process.

“At least 19 Taliban insurgents including their shadow district governor Dad Mullah Noorulhaq were killed and 29 others injured in the two-day operation. 35 others contacted us before we launched operation and joined the peace process and the rest of them joined after they were surrounded by forces,” ToloNews quoted Sadat as saying.

He furthered that they would help to improve security in insecure areas.

“War against the government is unfair,” said head of the provincial peace council Mawlawi Assadullah Jamali. He welcomed militants to the process.

He called on the insurgents not to be deceived by the enemies of people of Afghanistan. “Those deceived by the enemies should stop violence. Stop killing innocent masses, instead, remain constant beside the security forces and rebuild your country,” he added.

“I joined the Taliban because of the corruption in the government system and oppression by the powerful gunmen who beat the people,” said one of the insurgents Mohammdullah, who joined the peace process.

He called on the government to accelerate efforts to build schools and clinics in their areas.

Another insurgent Najibullah, who reintegrated into civil society, said that his mother told him to shun violence. “My mother heard that Gen. Dostum has come here and she told me not to fight against my leader.”

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