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13 civilians killed as bombs blow up two buses in Zabul, Parwan

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KABUL: At least thirteen civilians were killed and 34 others were wounded in two separate roadside bomb blasts in northern Pawan and restive southern Zabul provinces. This is the latest in a series of deadly blasts, not long after several blasts rocked Kabul that left 85 people, most of them school student’s dead – another 147 were wounded.

The first incident occurred in Shahr-e-Safa district in Zabul province after two bombs blew up a 404 passenger bus, killing 11 civilians and injured 25 others.  

The roadside bombs exploded late on Sunday, the provincial governor spokesman, Gul Islam Sial said, adding that woman and children were among the casualties.

“A passenger bus was hit by two roadside mines that were planted by the enemy of the people of Afghanistan.”

Sial added, “Relatives and friends of the nine killed passengers were not in the scene and arrangements had been made to transfer their dead bodies to Qalat, the capital city of Zbaul.

The wounded people have been shifted to the nearby and Kandahar hospitals for medical treatment.

He did not provide further details about their health conditions.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Taliban insurgents did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the group declared a three days ceasefire during Eid’s holiday.

Meanwhile, a roadside bomb hit a passenger bus in northern Parwan province, which is the second such incident in the past 24 hours.

Provincial police confirmed the incident triggered as a result of an IED targeted a mini-bus in Pul-e-Matak area of Jabul Saraj district of province on Monday morning.

Two civilians have lost their lives and nine others were wounded in the incident.  

Though no group, including the Taliban claimed responsibility for these attacks, but the government time and again blamed the Taliban for such attacks.

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