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13 escape Pakistani prison near Afghan border

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KABUL – In a dramatic turn of events, a prison break occurred in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province, near the Afghan border, resulting in the escape of thirteen inmates. One prisoner was shot dead by the police during a subsequent confrontation, as reported by CNN.

The incident unfolded when seventeen prisoners were taken out of their cells for morning prayers at Chaman district jail. Unexpectedly, these prisoners turned against their guards, overpowering two officers who were on duty. The inmates managed to seize firearms from the guards, leading to a violent confrontation, according to Muhammad Naeem Achakzai, the district officer cited by CNN.

“The prisoners launched an attack, injuring three officers,” he stated, describing the situation. In response, the police opened fire, resulting in the death of one inmate and the injury of two others. One prisoner later surrendered, while thirteen managed to successfully escape.

Achakzai further disclosed to CNN that all the escaped prisoners were awaiting trial for various alleged offenses, including murder, robbery, and drug possession. The prison itself is located on Taj Road, a bustling area in Chaman district, merely three kilometers away from the Afghan border.

Given the close proximity to the border with Afghanistan, there is speculation that the escaped prisoners may have fled to the neighboring country. Consequently, law enforcement officers have intensified patrols in the border areas to apprehend the fugitives.

During the week of the incident, the prison had a reduced police presence due to the celebration of Eid al-Adha, one of the significant festivals in the Islamic calendar. Typically, the prison is staffed with around 25 officers on duty. In light of the escape, Chaman police have suspended ten officials, including three police officers who were stationed at the jail, Achakzai confirmed to CNN.

The prison break has raised concerns about the security situation in the region, as Balochistan has witnessed decades of insurgency for separatism. Authorities are working diligently to locate and apprehend the escaped prisoners, ensuring the safety and well-being of the local community.

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