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13 police officials arrested over negligence in university attack

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: Afghan government on Wednesday arrested 13 police officials for alleged negligence leading to the Kabul University terrorist attack that killed more than 22 people, mostly students on Monday.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tareq Aryan said that thirteen officials, including chief of 3rd police district, its crime investigation chief and company commander of Kabul University were arrested and were under police custody.

The arrests came two days after a deadly terror attack on Kabul University campus. Three terrorists forced their way into the university and indiscriminately opened fire on students, killing at least 22. Many more were injured.

Kabul Police spokesman, Ferdows Faramarz, confirmed the arrests and said they had been introduced to the judiciary for further investigations.

Hell broke loose inside Kabul University on Monday morning after three attackers stormed the campus, sending hundreds of students fleeing and killing tens of students. The terrorists faced a fierce counterassault by security forces and the gun battle ended after around five hours with all the three assailants killed in the aftermath.

The terrorist attack on Kabul University which was claimed by the ISIS terror group drew ire across Afghanistan and calls for Doha talks to be boycotted unless the Taliban, who are the prime suspects of the massacre, accept ceasefire and stop their attacks.

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