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131 Daesh terrorists killed in Nangarhar

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: At least 131 Daesh fighters were killed in fighting with the security forces in eastern Nangarhar province, officials said Sunday.

“They were killed in Kot district,” provincial governor Salim Kunduzi said, adding that 39 of the terrorists were killed in ground battle while the airstrikes killed 95 more.

Twelve people including civilians and security forces were also killed and 18 others wounded during, he added.

Kunduzi insisted that “there is no doubt that Daesh fighter never respect to law of wars and will do whatever is possible. Daesh fighters will kill children, women, torch schools and Mosque.”

Provincial police chief Zerawar Zahid said that 200 local police were on duty in Kot district and 200 additional ones would be deployed soon.

General Dad Mohammad, intelligence chief in the province, called the clash more a propaganda war, not as big as broadcast.

He said that a key commander of Daesh named Kamran was also killed in the clashes.

Head of the public uprising in the district Hajji Hayat Khan said that a number of families had left their houses to escape the war.

He ensured that Kot residents will defend bravely from their villages against Daesh in the district.

Meanwhile Federation of Afghanistan’s Civil Society (FACS) strongly condemned cruelty attack and torching of houses in Nangarhar province. They asked the government to take serious step against Daesh in the district and all over the country. FACS members blamed thatDaesh re- advent in Nangarhar provinces is a clear weakness of central and locality officials.

FACS by releasing a resolution said that according to report Daesh fighters, which included Panjabi insurgents attacked civilian houses and killed children by Knife on Friday night.

FACS also said that Daesh fighters torched houses and took hostage 50 people including aged and children.

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