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174 people dead after riot at Indonesian football match


Kabul: Indonesia’s police announced today that at least 174 people were killed during the chaos after a football match in the country’s premier league in East Java province.

Indonesian authorities announced on Sunday that at least 174 people, including two members of the police force, died in the violence and chaos after the end of a football match in East Java province.

Nico Afinta, the police chief of this province, said that among these victims, 34 of them were killed in the football field and others died in the hospital and during the transfer to medical centers.

The police called this incident a “riot” and said that more than 300 wounded were transferred to hospitals. The East Java police chief added that the death toll is likely to increase because the condition of some injured are reported to be serious.

Afinta has admitted that after two police officers were killed, their forces used tear gas to disperse the people.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has ordered the authorities to fully evaluate the security of football matches. He has emphasized that this incident should be “the last football tragedy in the country”.

The tension and conflict between the people started after the defeat of “Arma FC” club. After the end of the game, the angry fans of the home team rushed to the football field. Arma FC lost 3-2 against Birsibaya Surabaya, and this is the club’s first loss to its rival in the last two decades.

These two teams belong to the province of East Java and this game was held at Kanjurohan Stadium in Melang district.

The Indonesian Football Federation (PFFI) announced that it would suspend the soccer league for a week and launch an investigation. In addition, “Arma FC” club was banned from hosting domestic games this season.

FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, stipulates that police and crews are not allowed to carry or use firearms or “crowd control gas” at the venue.

Police officials in East Java have yet to respond to media inquiries on whether they are aware of the FIFA regulations.

The Indonesian Human Rights Commission also intends to investigate the security issues of the football field, especially the use of tear gas by the police.

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