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A distraught man is carried following a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017. Authorities say attackers stormed the Shiite Muslim cultural center in the Afghan capital Kabul, setting off multiple bombs and killing dozens. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

18-year ‘violence or jihad’?

By Basir Qazizada:

The US and Taliban have reached an agreement on a short-time reduction in violence, instead of a ceasefire. The practical shape of violence reduction has been determined during seven days.
Although the reduction in violence for the Afghan people, who have gone through sever trauma and tragedy, is considered a great achievement, the casualties may be cut down from a normal daily rate of harming ten-families to seven or eight – this is good news.
The Afghans have witnessed toughest violence during past two decades. They have lost family members, their properties have been damaged and public institutions were destroyed in the wake of ongoing conflicts. This conflict has left several widows and orphans behind, and claimed the life of thousands of youths. Several acres of land have turned into graveyards.
Such violence have always been imposed on our nation under the title of “Jihad”, but now the Taliban militants group has admitted that it has done nothing but its fighters to fill their pockets for carrying out subversive and destructive acts against our nation. They take leverage of the title of “Islam”, beheading people and take actions against the country’s interests. Now when these militants see their personal interest, they change the title of “Jihad” to reduction of violence, and acknowledge that they are violent, seditious and insurgents as evil, who is not committed to anything else, but conducting terroristic destructive acts. As they are being controlled by Pakistan, it is not impossible that their another vicious deal could give birth to an environment, where they take off their beards, burn their turban and take part in other inappropriate and evil actions.  
Our people should be aware that Pakistani puppets, drug dealers, and criminals under any name and title, would be once scandalized and humiliated like the Taliban insurgents.

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