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1,800 drug dealers apprehended this year, tons of drugs seized

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: As many as 1,800 drug dealers have been detained and tons of drugs seized this year across the country, said the Ministry of Counternarcotics on Sunday.

Addressing a press conference, the Interior Deputy Minister for Counternarcotics, Baz Mohammad Ahmadi, said that more than 1,800 drug dealers have been nabbed so far this year. He said that the anti-narcotics police during counter-narcotics operations have seized more than 100 tons narcotics and alcoholic beverages over the year. The anti-narcotic police had also seized over 400 vehicles, 240 weapons and 244 mobile phones during the operations. Ahmadi furthered that nearly 12.5 tons of different types of drugs were seized alone in Kabul. During the operations a caches of weapons were also recovered.

Ahmadi said some drug factories are situated in insecure areas and most factories have been moved to northwestern parts of the country. He said lacking air support was creating hurdles in eliminating drug factories during the operations.

He said that more counter-narcotics operations will be launched to eradicate drug factories.

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