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190 war crime evidences against journalist sent to Hague court

AT-KABUL: The media supporting body (NAI) says it has sent 190 evidences related to the war and human crimes against the journalist to the Hague International Court since 2003.

Mojib Khalvatgar, head of the body said Monday that most of the cases were about the killing, kidnapping and threats of reporters and media workers.

“We hope that the Hague court register these evidences to ensure justice and help media outlets in Afghanistan,” Khalvatgar said, accusing Taliban, Daesh and Haqqani network of being behind the “war crimes”.

He added that media workers were still being killed and threatened despite different bodies being working for their safety.

NAI had earlier called 2017 as the deadly year for reporters, saying that 20 reporters were killed last year.

Human rights activists praised the report, but said it would be impossible to implement the suggestion because of the critical situation.

“Crime is not a problem toward the media workers, but it threatens all the Afghans,” said Abdul Shakoor Dadras, a human rights expert, adding that nothing has yet done for resolve. He added that international court would not be able to solve the problem, until the rule of law was dominant in Afghanistan.

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